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Post Workout Drink | Reliant Recovery Water

Recover faster, feel better

Regular hydration, like with Reliant Recovery Water helps cells to process at a higher level.

Our patented electro-kinetic modification process provides a refreshing beverage that will reduce physical stress, accelerate muscle recovery, and increase your body’s resiliency.
— recoverywater.com
 Reliant Recovery Water

Reliant Recovery Water

Just got done working out and needed something to hydrate, to give me some electrolytes. So I snagged this guy from my local grocery store. The name - Recovery Water - caught my eye. I got it in the fresh peach flavor.

I like the concept and know that sometimes I need a little more than just plain ol water...

THOUGHTS: it's very lightweight in texture, water-like and has a little sugar free after taste*. But I felt like it really hydrated me after my workout. If the price ($2.99) was a little less and didn't have such an after taste, I might buy it more often. 

*for some reason I can always tell when something is sugar free, I'm sensitive to the taste. So if you aren't then you probablly won't even notice!