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Post Gig Drink | Moscow Mules with Sarah Dean

Sometimes after a big gig, ya just need to have a cocktail. A time to decompress and just go ... "did that just really happen?!" ... "yes, yes it did!!".

On this day, I got the chance to tag along on a high-profile job with Sarah Dean.

{A little background on Sarah: she is an East Bay makeup artist (10+ years experience) that is currently mentoring me in all things makeup as well as bridal. I met her through Alphonse of MuseBeautyPro when we worked a trade show together. So you may hear me mention her a lot on here.}

I'm pretty sure you will be reading more about this high-profile gig on Liner & Lace so I won't go into much detail here but let me tell you that the client was super sweet, down to earth and a fellow skin geek, so it made the experience so much more awesome.

Anyway, after the gig we grabbed a drink at Pete's Brass Rail & Car Wash in Danville. The patio looked hoppin' and the weather was perfect!! And the mules were on point: delicious and S-T-R-O-N-G!!

It was the perfect environment to go over the details of the gig.

It's times like these I value most in my new-ish career because I get to meet REALLY COOL people, have REALLY FUN experiences and best of all BOND with another fellow makeup artist! Thanks Sarah for the fun!! It was such a memorable moment in time for me!!