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Milk Shoot

So yea ... I finally got to work with milk!

I believe for this shoot we used 40 gallons of real milk with some water mixed in, but not a lot because we didn't want to change the texture and movement of milk. It was a pretty cool day in SF, and the milk was in a small swimming pool outside so we had some blow dryers on hand to warm up the model. And while I had to make sure her hair stayed in place and milk droplets stayed off her face, part of my job was to also blow warm air on her throughout shooting. It was by far one of the most crazy hats I've worn on a shoot. 

And for the record, the model said her skin and hair felt amazing for days afterward! GO MILK!

Milk Photoshoot

PHOTOGRAPHER: Linsi Taylor MODEL: Simi Hunjan MAKEUP: Tara Thompson

Makeup details: I used Kett Cosmetics Hydro Proof Foundation which is alcohol based and waterproof. I was worried that it may come off in Milk, but it held up pretty well!