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I Tried Facebook Live!

I've been really wanting to do some cool, fast and fun beauty videos for awhile now. Ones where I could interact with people and answer questions on the spot, but more importantly something easy to film at any time. And of course, on a platform where most of my family, friends & colleagues hangout. And Facebook Live seemed to fit the bill!

When I decided to give fb live a try, I made sure to read up on the instructions and do some practice ones on myself. I was surprised to see how many people jumped on and by all the awesome reactions! Everyone seemed to really like it! I highly recommend giving it a try.

Also awesome was Muse Beauty Pro at the last minute giving me an Esum Brush Book to giveaway to one lucky viewer. So cool to have that kind of support! Thank you Muse!!

Facebook Live Post: Let's Play | Esum Brush Book