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Behind The Look | Kentaro L.A.G. Vintage Photoshoot

I would like to start showing more of the makeup thought/design process, and what better way to do so than with one of my favorite projects!

Awhile back, I was invited by Kentaro (winner of season 16 project runway) to come up with a look for a shoot/filming he was doing at L.A.G. Vintage to showcase something for his upcoming collection. I've worked with him before so I already knew his style and how he works. So that part came easy. Before I started designing, Kentaro gave me the words "trashy modern" and a single image of one of his designs which helped tremendously. 

"trashy modern"

So I thought about what those words meant for me in the makeup world. 'Trashy' to me meant a lived in look, maybe a lot of color, something that was overdone. And when I thought of 'modern', I thought of tone and texture, and how we are very lucky today to be able to have so many different colors & formulas, that the face can be similar in tone but have different textures (matte, shimmer, glossy, etc.). Srsly, I live for texture, so this made me very happy!  

My next step before designing a makeup look was thinking of Kentaro, his style and the clothing he designed that would be used in this shoot. He loves minimalism, he's a classical pianist, and just like his music he likes things to flow well together, so I wanted to keep all these things in mind. Asking myself, how could I capture this in one look?

I started by choosing one pop of color - purple - and decided that Danessa Myricks Wild Orchid shade would be amazing for it. I loved the subtle sparkle in it too. In this look, I used it heavily under the eyes which kind of gave it a lived in look. Then kept the face pretty natural in tone, no blush or lipstick color ... just her foundation shade and contour shade. Letting it all flow together, no harsh lines. Matte everywhere except the highlights of her cheeks which I left as shimmery/shiny as I could get away with (we were filming something at the same time so I didn't want it to come off too loud). Also, glossy lips made with her foundation shade.

One pop of color on the eyes, similar tones and subtle texture changes on the face gave this look a minimalist 'trashy modern' twist.  

I really, really enjoyed being able to do this process! So thankful for amazing people like Kentaro in my life! He's so amazing at giving artists the room to organically create and be true to their art! Thanks for believing and trusting in me, Kentaro!

Here is the product breakdown for those that want to see what I used on beautiful Jasmine. She had the most amazing skin, so my job was easy!

KA SSE + Marc Jacobs Coconut Face Primer
Ben Nye MediaPRO Poudre Mojave Palette
Kett Cosmetics Sett Powder
Tarte Twinkle Stick Highlighter in Spotlight

Senna Cosmetics Brow Color Powder
Glossier Boy Brow

Danessa Myricks Colorfix Metallic Wild Orchid
MAC Cosmetics Haute N Naughty Mascara

PaPaw Ointment + KA SSE (mixed together)

Hope you enjoyed this! And let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more of these!