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My Current Skincare Routine - Part 3 Moisturizers

I keep my moisturizer selection pretty simple. Once I find one, I pretty much stick to it f o r e v e r.  I like my skin to feel perfectly hydrated, no dryness whatsoever, more on the dewy side I would say. And I never like to feel sticky. I have combination/dry skin, the center of my face tends to be more oily than my cheeks and neck area. I would rather make sure my skin has more moisture than not enough, so the moisturizers I use are all designed for drier skin types.

Here's why I love them ...

1) Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream / how I use: every night after serum as the very last step & every morning after serum, before SPF // I love the texture of this. It is very creamy but still pretty lightweight. My skin feels velvety soft after. It is my favorite among the Dermalogica moisturizer line.

2) Dermalogica Super Rich Repair / how I use: maybe once or twice a week at night, more so during the winter dry months // I love this because it is deeply nourishing. It does feel a bit more oily in texture compared to the Smoothing Cream. I love putting this on after my anti-aging serums. This moisturizer especially helps any crepey, dehydrated skin I have along  my neck or decollete.

About me ...

What's my skin type? sensitive and combination (Oily T-zone/Dry cheeks) 

Skin concerns? even skin tone, fine lines, texture/smoothness of skin - you know, all the things that happen with age! LOL

Current location? Los Angeles, CA - it pretty dry here!

Please note ...

All of these products were purchased by me with my own money, honey. Just an honest review here!