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I Tried Microdermabrasion!! UPDATE | Beauty and the Drink

 Right After Microdermabrasion (unedited, no makeup whatsoever) | Beauty and the Drink

Right After Microdermabrasion (unedited, no makeup whatsoever) | Beauty and the Drink

You guys, I tried microdermabrasion today!! And you know what? It was awesome!!

I'm usually a wimp when it comes to exfoliation treatments. Mostly because I have really sensitive skin. Sometimes treatments feel like they are burning my face off or I peel really bad for some crazy amount of time, so I just avoid them all together. My only exfoliation comes from Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant which I do nightly. 

But today, this treatment was not so bad! In fact, my esthetician - FOZ - said it would feel like a cat was liking my face, and it totally did. Which made this treatment super tolerable! 

Immediately afterward, I noticed that my skin looked super smooth and the wrinkles on my forehead and neck diminished a bit (never seen that before, so it must have needed a good exfoliation!). Also, the big brown age spot on my left cheek was a tiny bit smaller and less noticeable. Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on how things go over the next week, so stay tuned!!


UPDATE (5/19/2016)

Soooooooo here's an update! Basically after the treatment, my skin was really dry for about 5 days afterward. No peeling, just really parched. I ended up using extra moisturizer and then switched to Dermalogica's Super Rich Repair at night and that seemed to do the trick!

I didn't have any peeling which I LOVED and my skin was really smooth. The brown spots on my face are less noticeable but I think my neck benefited the most from this treatment. It really needed a heavier exfoliation. There is definitely less crepiness and my skin looks younger in that area. (Also, just an FYI for those concerned about skin tags: the skin tags along my neck disappeared for a little while but came back 10-15 days afterward. This treatment did not create any new ones - yay!)

Overall, I think I will incorporate this treatment into my regimen maybe twice a year? As I didn't experience a lot of downtime and I liked the results. So happy my esthetician suggested microdermabrasion!!