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Morning Drink | Coffee with Maria

 Vanilla A'more & Vanilla Norm from Barrelista in Martinez, CA

Vanilla A'more & Vanilla Norm from Barrelista in Martinez, CA


I got the chance to meet up with my friend Maria before she had to head into work at Sephora Walnut Creek.  We met at one of her favorite coffee joints: Barrelista in Martinez, CA. It's a super cute coffee place (they serve food too!) that loves to make your day special by giving great customer service and fun bendy straws with iced coffee. I love the relaxing atmosphere; it makes me feel like I'm in a cute little LA coffee bar by the beach. 

Maria got the VANILLA NORM COFFEE and I got the VANILLA A'MORE COFFEE which has some chocolate in it. YUMMY!!

BTW can I tell you how much I really appreciate it when another artist takes time out of their busy schedule to meet up with me?! Do you know how hard it is with all of us working different hours and on different projects around the Bay?!  It's a VERY RARE THING, my friends, and sometimes it's just dang near impossible. LOL Anyway, I'm super glad the stars aligned so Maria and I could meet up because we always have the best time. We just get each other and that's a magical thing! 

I met Maria back in March when we worked the NARS Erdem Fashion Show here in SF. And when said she was the gal behind i got your pretty - I totally went ga ga!! Because I've heard the name around the community before - she is a pretty well known makeup artist here in the Bay Area. I was extremely happy to learn that she's super down to earth and really into all the makeup artist type of things I am into. We share some similar goals and it's exciting to be able to talk them over with another artist! I adore her! 

We've done a couple projects together already, so stay tuned for all that cool stuff to come out!! :)