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SF Pro Night With James Vincent | Beauty and the Drink

Finally got the chance to attend a pro night here in the Bay, and what a fun night it was! 

Who was in attendance:

What we talked about:

  • Mainly we talked about the makeup artist community here in the Bay. What we can do to improve it, to make it better - basically opening up the lines of communication between each other. Don't be afraid to talk and lean on one another for support.
  • The stronger the community and the more we get our names out there, the more local companies will hire us for jobs (instead of those from other cities). We have the talent - why not elevate it!
  • We did discuss The Makeup Show a little bit and how we should introduce ourselves to other artists while we attend.
  • It's all about the networking! Not only will it help us build a stronger community, but it will help us grow as artists. 
  • How to become a Makeup Show Ambassador and what an ambassador is.

My favorite part? Getting to know the other artists and listen to their stories (including James Vincent & Alphonse Wiebelt). But I'm a total networker/social butterfly at heart so this was right up my alley.

By the end of the night, I was so pumped ... and now I'm psyched to attend The Makeup Show LA in two weeks! If you are going, don't hesitate to say hi!! I love meeting new people!! :)