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Sephora Pocket Contour App Review | Beauty and the Drink

Anytime the word 'contour' is mentioned, my head pops up and I'm all ears! It's my thing ... and I can't get enough of it. Even though I've been trained many times over on the correct way to contour, I still want to check things out. Because hey, you never know, what if there's a new way of doing things?

So when I saw something called Pocket Contour Class mentioned in an article about new technology within Sephora, I had to check it out! Here is what I thought:

  • it took me a few tries to get the picture right, but I figured out that I was holding it too close (obvi I needed to follow the directions better) - so read the instructions first
  • I love that it provides recommendations of contour products and shows me directional arrows of how to blend = AWESOME
  • and big kudos to Sephora for having it send a step-by-step guide (with your picture in it) to your email of choice. Perfecto!

My email looked like this:

And a SHOP NOW link to all the fabulous contouring products Sephora has to offer is added to the email. So cool! Give it a try - it's so much fun!