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Going Back To My Roots - Drawing!

After doing another photoshoot - where I had to draw on a tattoo - I decided that I needed to take up drawing again. It's something that I did as a child and enjoyed very much. And sometimes I was good at it - like the time where my mom thought I actually traced a picture! LOL 

Anyway, I did a little research on what I should get and off I went to my local art store - Blick's - to pick up drawing materials. Why the paint brushes and ink blocks? Well, I've always admired the watercolor/color illustrations on Instagram, so that's why I grabbed them. I can't wait to play!!

My plan is to start out with faces, eyes, lips and some fun drawing like MANGA (Japanese comic book style). Manga animals are super cute (= motivation!), so I am trying those first. But mostly I'm hoping this drawing thing will improve my overall makeup skills, to give me a steady hand. Of course, only time will tell. 

Once I get a little better, I will post some stuff here! So stay tuned!!