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Beauty Tip: Age Is Just A Number - That's All!

I'm a firm believer that age is just a number and that's all it really is. I think real age is determined by how we feel inside. What does that mean in the world of makeup? It means we don't always have to follow the age appropriate makeup rules - it's okay to bend them!

So if you're 30+ and you feel like rocking some glitter, reach for a fun glitter liner. Feeling really sassy? Then do glitter from eyelid to crease! (Coordinate with matte and sheen shadows of course.) But draw the line at throwing glitter all over the entire lid/brow area. Unless it's for a costume party (that's a whole different story!) because otherwise it just looks like you're trying too hard ... or crazy and who wants that?!

If you wanna wear bright colors, make sure they look like they could be in the same color palette with each other. Pick one feature or a couple to deck out, just remember to do it the right way: blend! blend! blend! + make them compliment not compete! I've totally worn a bright eye AND a bright lip (image) by following my little guidelines mentioned above - and everyone loved it! Key things to remember: there is a time and place for everything!! Think about the event/place you are going to - if you can have a little fun with your look then go for it! Why not?!