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New Toy: Samsung Gear 2 Neo Watch

Recently, I decided to make the switch from Iphone to Samsung and it was all because of a watch - the Samsung Gear. I have a small addiction to technology and the Gear looked like it could solve some social media issues (the hubby hates when I look at my cell during dinner), not to mention help out in the health department, so why not give the little guy a try? Plus it looked oh so cool in VOGUE this summer.

Although the Samsung Gear in VOGUE was this one, I decided to go with the Gear 2 Neo because it had awesome reviews and the features I wanted. Now I can keep track of incoming messages, texts, phone calls and cool fitness type stuff like heart rate and how many steps I take - all from my wrist! I have even answered a phone call or two, straight from my watch!! Talk about a Knight Rider moment!! LOL

There are a ton of apps that can be added to this watch (I'm probably not using the watch to its fullest) but so far I've kept it down to a few. And in the few months that I've had it, its only needed to be restarted a couple of times - so basically no real problems. And its connection with Bluetooth - how it communicates data with the phone - has a pretty good distance to it. I can easily leave the phone in the living room and still get messages in my bedroom = bonus! 

But does it look good ...

Yes it does! Here's what it looks like with some fun bracelets:

Cute, right? Now go get yourself one!! Your heart/body and significant other will thank you!