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Makeup Assisting In Las Vegas

A little over a month ago I had the privilege of assisting makeup on a few photoshoots in Las Vegas, NV with an amazing makeup artist - Donald Simrock. It was one of my very first major assisting jobs and it turned out to be such a cooooool experience!! The locations, clothing, jewelry, makeup & hair - the entire trip - was so surreal! And I couldn't have asked for a better makeup artist to assist - Donald was so much fun to work with!! I worked a lot, learned a ton but not once did it feel like work ... and that's why I love this career!!

Two of the photoshoots (Rock City & Eva Shaw's Jet-Set Life) have come out on VegasRated.com already. The third will be in the fall The Shops at Crystals Aria LV magazine - which I can't wait to see because the clothing and jewelry was to DIE for! I mean there was one day where the jewelry needed its own security guards! (SO COOL!!)

ROCK CITY | Pearl Theater. PALMS

This was the busiest day of all the shoots! There were so many people to do, but they were great sports - so easy-going!! I loved getting to know the artists while listening to their music!! For the girls, it was all about smokey eyes or winged liner. And the boys were easy peasy, just simple grooming! To read the full article click here

Eva Shaw's Jet-Set Life | Private Jet, Las Vegas

Having a shoot on a jet was not as easy as I thought it would be! It was a small space, so not very many of us could be in there. VIPs ONLY!! I helped with some light body makeup in the beginning but sat outside while all the photos were going on. Either way, to see this process go down was super awesome!! And I loved how Donald did her makeup so light and natural. Eva had gorgeous smooth skin & beautiful full eyebrows = a makeup artist's dream!! To read the full article click here.

Here are some BEHIND THE SCENE photos:

Stay tuned for when the other shoot (The Shops at Crystals LV) comes out ... I'll be sure to share it here!