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Everyday Drink | Fruit Flavored Water - The Lazy Way

Summer is well underway and it's been a dry one so far, so it's important to stay hydrated by eating & drinking lots of things that contain water. But if you're a busy girl like me and don't like the taste of plain ol' water, then it can be real tricky getting enough water intake! So I've come up with a super easy recipe! (Behold! The lazy fruit flavored water recipe!!)

Basically here's how it goes ... you grab some real organic juice (my personal fave is lemon or lime but I'm sure any fruit will do) from the juice isle in sprouts or whole foods (because theirs usually isn't loaded with as much sugar and bad stuff) and add a splash of it to your water. That's all. Easy right? You thought there was going to be more, huh? Nope. Its that simple. And it taste's yummy! 

I'm a big fan of the Lakewood Organic Juice or Santa Cruz Organic Juice (shown below). I've even used them in my daily smoothies to flavor things up. They are great juices! One thing to note though is that you will have to refrigerate them after opening. And of course they don't last forever so watch that expiration date! But that's a small price to pay for the beautiful, perfectly hydrated body & skin you'll get from drinking all this tasty water!! 

Happy drinking!!