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Makeup Session: Lauren

After taking MuseBeautyPro's Business of Bridal class, which I HIGHLY recommend, I knew I had to practice all the awesome techniques Alphonse taught me, so I booked a little makeup session with my friend Lauren. We went to esthetician school together, she's used to me playing with her beautiful face!!

In this session, we practiced waterproofing her look (in case a bride cries), a lightweight eyelash technique, and some eyeshadow/cheek color recommendations that were supposed to enhance her features - to make them pop!

For fun, Lauren put this makeup to the test! Not only did she wear this look to her job that night (she is a manager at a restaurant) but she slept with it on! Which is usually a skin no-no but she wanted to see how it turned out. The results? She got a ton of compliments from her customers, staff, AND even got a compliment from a lady behind the counter at Nordstom! And the kicker - the makeup "still looked good!" the next morning!

It feels so amazing to know that my makeup made it perfectly all night long. And truth be told, I kinda knew it would because I'm the girl that lived in VEGAS for 4 years and know what it takes to make looks last! YAY! *pat on back*

Lauren Collage.jpg

Thanks again Lauren for letting me have some fun with your face!! xx