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Lunchtime Drink | The Super Model From The Ivy

I've seen The Ivy on TV so many times that when I was in LA last week I just had to go. I didn't look at the website before making reservations because lunch reservations were made through Opentable, so I didn't anticipate the crazy (and I mean crazy) floral decor but after awhile I got used to it. And soon enough it made me feel like it was tea time in a garden somewhere. The menu had many different types of dishes - I'm talkin' tacos, pasta, fried chicken all the way to sea food. Even the drink menu was extensive. So I settled on The Super Model drink and of course, the famous fried chicken.   

While the fried chicken was AWESOME - super tasty (just as I expected)! The Super Model - not so much. Which was sad because the waiter said it was the most popular drink on the menu. Also, it looked like a healthier alternative compared to most of the alcoholic drinks and they put a lot of thought into the ingredients, so I thought it was worth a try. Looking back, he probably recommended it because of the price. As far as the taste, it was very "sugar-free" tasting - most likely because of the low calorie ingredients - which overpowered the fresh ingredients. And my lunch friends got a big kick out of the fact that they put a giant sugar cane stick in there with all of the perfectly curated sugar-free ingredients. Yayyyyyy for lunchtime jokes! 

Would I recommend The Ivy? YES! If anything, go for the experience! Would I recommend The Super Model drink? Um that would be a NO (and I really tried to like this drink too). Save your money and get a yummy glass of champagne or something. No seriously, save your money because that drink will not only disappoint your taste buds but will have your friends making fun of you too. 

And for the record, we didn't see any celebs that day *sadface*. Only a glimpse of some photogs hanging out.