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Fancy Soap | Lush Sandstone

To change things up, my husband and I like to find cool scented soaps for shower time - in our words "fancy soap". We pick them by smell initially, and of course function second. And a place we like to go every once in awhile is Lush.  It's always a blast to walk through there, to follow our noses and find something new. 

So on the last trip, we picked up Lush Sandstone, which definitely lives up to its name by containing sand (yes, sand).  While I knew this bar was going to be exfoliating, I was more into the citrus scent.  

What I loved:

  • the scent was super refreshing in the morning
  • the antiseptic and exfoliation properties

What I didn't love:

  • the first time I used this it left my skin super dry, so after learning that it wasn't great for my entire body, I've just been using Sandstone on only the roughest patches of skin

Recommended for those who are looking for a super exfoliator. My skin is on the sensitive side and could not even handle one full scrub with this ...  so sensi's beware! However, I think it would be perfect as a hand soap by the kitchen sink.