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My Secret To A Long-lasting Chip-free Manicure

bond aid.jpg

Okay, sit down ladies, cuz I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine: use OPI Bond Aid before your base coat and you'll have a beautiful chip-free manicure for almost 2 weeks!

<--Seriously, here's the proof! This is after 11 days!

This little baby totally keeps polish on waaaaay longer than if I went without - saving me money and trips to the salon!

How does it work? Bond Aid brings the surface of the natural nail to the proper pH for optimum adhesion of primer, polish or glue.

Many salons here in the Bay have been using this before polish to give a great long-lasting manicure - totally awesome, right?! - so next time you're in the salon ask your nail tech for Bond Aid and give it a try!