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Goodbye Dark Circles! Round 2


CoverFX Eye Prep & MAC Pro Longwear ConcealerWhen my last under-eye cream ran out, I decided to look for a new one.  Hey, if its not perfect why not try something else, right? So I wandered aimlessly through Sephora, testing out all the lovely creams.  A lot of them seemed to have the same approach for diminishing under-eye circles. Thing is my circles are hereditary, so there's basically no cream out there that will completely get rid of these things. But when I came across CoverFX's Eye Prep Anti-age Smoothing Primer, I thought wait a minute - maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way - maybe I should wear something that camouflages instead of trying to treat my problem! I mean I wear concealer all day, everyday so why not! Plus maybe an awesome primer will keep my concealer color true and from creasing in all the wrong places.  And taaaaaa - daaaaaa!!!!! A light went off. This is it - the product I've been looking for!

I'm so happy I found this primer!! It's lightweight, hydrating and crease resistant.  All my fine lines and wrinkles are significantly less visible. And this primer bonds to my concealer like no other! (Think UD Primer Potion for the under-eyes!) YAY! Good find! 

Around the time I found CoverFX Eye Prep, twitter was all abuzz about the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Heard lots of positive feedback so I had to give it a try.  I was previously using the NW20 Studio Sculpt but it was creasing and had a cakey feel to it after it dried.  I was down to try something new and thank gawd I did - Pro Longwear is super awesome! 

Currently I use NW20 & NW25; I have to mix the two.  While I LOVE how easy this product goes on (so lightweight!) and the coverage is amazing, there's been a couple issues: 1) For some reason the NW20 Pro Longwear Concealer is lighter than the NW20 Studio Sculpt, so I had to buy an additional darker shade (NW25) to create the perfect color - making me spend a little more $$ than I wanted. 2) I've also noticed that the pump shoots out a little too much product. I've spoken to a MAC rep about this and she said that's why they went with the pump, because it pumps out various amounts - perfect for all sorts of uses.  Ummmm yea, so it hasn't worked out for me that well as I have wasted a LOT of product along the way.  I pretty much wash about half the pumped product down the drain each time - yikes! I kinda wish this guy was in a tube or a tube with a wand. *sending my makeup wish to the MAC Cosmetics pros* But the end result is AMAZING, such great coverage, so I'll keep using this concealer until an improvement comes along.

Overall, I am happy with my new dark circle regimen.  And although I have a couple issues with the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, its not show-stopping and I'm sure many others will never encounter the same issues. So if you're looking to switch things up give these products a try.  You will love the end result!

Images from Sephora.com & MAC Cosmetics.