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What I'm Trying Right Now: Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender

Barielle Ultra Speed DryDuring my last quick trip to Ulta, I discovered the Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender.  I was looking for something to replace my go-to top coat Out The Door.  It's been my fave for years, but I'm always willing to test a new product.

What can I say? Barielle sold me when the back of the box said "award winning, high gloss, quick drying formula provides a hard, chip resistant top coat. This formula was also developed to help protect the nail and color from UV radiation to help keep dark colors from fading and light colors from yellowing".  First off, I'm a sucker for anything that says award winning.  Second, it had all the things I was looking for in a top coat: quick drying, chip resistant and UV absorber.

I painted my nails with this stuff last Thursday and so far there are no chips and the color is still beautiful.  However, it did not dry as fast as Out The Door so I'm a little disappointed.  But hey, I'll check back in a little later to let you know how long the polish lasted.  Maybe the pros will outweigh the cons.

You can find this Barielle top coat at Drugstore.com for $12.00 or Ulta for $14.00.

Image provided by Barielle.