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Beauty Lab Creation: My Perfect Mascara

If I could create my very own mascara it would be like this.


I've been using both of these for quite sometime now. First, one swipe of the Dior and then seal with CoverGirl. Which is why I think combining the two would create my ultimate mascara.

I L-O-V-E the bristles of the DiorShow Mascara wand because it separates each lash perfectly. However, the formula is not dark enough and can dry-out super fast. On the other hand, the CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Waterproof Mascara has the perrrrrrrrrfect dark black color. Never flakes or smudges and the consistency is great too. So what's bad about it? The wand is small, bristles short creating a lot of clumping.

Hmmmmmmm well, maybe I'll take my chances and try some of these mascara wands (Qosmedix, Kosmetech, Amazon) with the CoverGirl Mascara.

Images from Sephora.com and CoverGirl.com