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Creating a new look is easy with these helpful videos

A friend of mine, who is beginning her professional career, is looking to achieve a more sophisticated look with her makeup. She has done her shopping and has all the right products/tools, but she just needs to learn how to apply them. So I scoured the web for easy, step by step beauty tip and technique videos. These are the ones I liked best, but if you come across more please add them to comments!

  • I love TLC's Carmindy. She has always managed to make everyone look so beautiful and natural looking. Here is a great how-to video from Sephora Backstage Click Here. Plus she uses Benefit products in the video - love them!
  • Total Beauty Television Click on the Makeup tab for cool videos
  • Sephora How-To Videos
  • Sephora Smokey Eyes Video
  • Smashbox's Get the Look Smashbox is great about making kits with exclusive beauty tip DVDs. So it's no surprise that I went to their website for help. They didn't have a video for their looks on the site, but the step by step instructions in this gallery makes it easy. Plus they list all the products used to obtain the look.
You may also be able to locate more how-to tips and videos through Alltop. Alltop searches the web for all the top stories. Why isn't Beauty Lab 101 on Alltop you ask? Well, for now I would like to keep Beauty Lab 101 dedicated to sharing information with family & friends. Shhhhhh it's our little secret!

Oh yes and before I forget, Allure magazine is another great source - they even have pull-out cheat sheets!

Tip: Remember, if you see something you like - replicate it! Set aside time to practice and experiment with the different looks. That's how I started doing makeup. I would see an advertisement or runway show with a look that I loved and try to copy it. If it didn't suit me, oh well, makeup remover is an amazing thing!