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Product Review | The PedEgg

I wear  4 inch heels a lot, in fact, too much. Over time the pressure and friction from my heels have caused calluses.   Hey, it happens to everyone.   In the past,  my nail tech would use a Tweezerman Callus Shaver and an emery pad to remove my calluses.   The process was always ticklish and time consuming, so pedicures were never relaxing for me.  When I saw the PedEgg commercial on TV, I had to try it--anything was better than being tickled to death twice a month.  Cheesy late night infomercial aside, the PedEgg looked too good to be true but given a low price of under $10 bucks I was willing to take a chance.

I was in luck, they had them at Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.99.  The package included 1 file and 2 emery finishing pads with easy to use instructions.  Within 5 minutes I was ready to go.  At first sight it looked like it would be painful (cheese grader comes to mind-scary!), but after the first few slides I noticed that it didn't hurt at all. Ahhhhhhhh I love it.  The only issue I encountered was when trying to reach difficult angles, the "foot dandruff" (if you will) came out of the microfile side.  That was to be expected I guess. Anyway, when I was done using the microfile, I flipped the PedEgg over to use the emery pad which smoothed everything right up.    Then I put on Aveda Foot Relief lotion and went on my merry way.

Its been three days since I have used the PedEgg and my feet are still smooth and soft. I highly recommend this product! Its so easy to use and time is cut in half!  Click here to see how you can  win one through Allure Magazine Free Stuff Giveaway Month (August) - the first 500 Allure readers to sign up at 3PM EDT on August 4th will get a PedEgg for free!

Just one important note for my diabetic family and friends out there, PedEgg says "Do not use if you are a diabetic or have poor blood circulation".

Photo image fromBed Bath & Beyond.