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Try this eyeliner tip of the week

Tired of wearing your eyeliner the same way? Try something new with this technique. You can also spice it up with various other color combinations.

1) On your upper eyelid, start with a chocolate colored kohl pencil and draw a line close to the base of the eyelashes/lash line. Hold your head back and look down into the mirror if you need to. Remember to keep the line fine and thin. Making the line too thick can make the eye appear heavy and tired.

2) Then grab a lighter color from the same color family, perhaps a bronze or gold and draw a line right above the chocolate.

3) Begin smudging the liners upward, so that you gently blend them together. This will better define the shape of your eye and give depth to your look. You can use a Q-Tip or a small angled brush (like this one from MAC).

For a more dramatic look, try lightly dotting color along the lower lashes or follow with a black liquid liner on the top.

Tara ThompsonComment