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Top 5 cosmetic items I can't live without

We all have them, those beauty products we just can't seem to live without. I always hated that question "If you were on a deserted island, what ONE product would you bring with you?", cause I can't just narrow it down to one. It takes a lot for a girl like me to look presentable to the world. Ha ha ha .....So here's the 5 I need most.

I've had dark circles under my eyes since I can remember, so I've had to cover these bad boys up to at least make it look like I slept the night before. Its been hard to find the right shade and consistency, but I'm in love with this Benefit Boi-ing Medium #2. It goes on silky smooth and gives me the coverage that I need. Growing up, my ultimate favorite concealer was the Mary Kay Concealer, however, they changed their colors and it no longer matches my skin tone. Sad, very sad.

Eyeshadow Primer
I absolutely love to dress up my eyes. This Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion has always performed well and has never let me down after a night of dancing in a hot nightclub. So of course it performs just as well for a long day at work. Not only does it moisturize your eyelids, but it also allows eyeshadow to glide on effortlessly. BONUS: Your eyeshadow color will still be as colorful as it is in the pot and you will use less of it because the primer holds that stuff on!

Eye Liner
I feel naked without it. Sometimes a little or a lot goes a long way. You just gotta know the right amount and right time to use it. Here in Vegas we can get away with a lot more than when I was back in Colorado. MAC has the best assortment that I've seen, the best colors and consistency. I use the MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil because of the waterproofness- perfect for those pool days, plus they have a ton of colors to choose from. Sometimes pencils are hard for me to use, so I turn to the brush-- MAC Fluidline is perfect for those times. This gel liner is like cream...super smooth and easy to brush on -- makes me feel like an artist! Both of these are great because they never smudge (notice a theme here?), there's nothing worse than making yourself look like raccoon by the end of the day because everything has moved all over.

Back in the day women used to pinch their cheeks to get that glow. These days we got it easy...luckily for NARS Blush in Orgasm or Crazed (if I want to spice it up), they have us covered minus the pain. Sometimes you can skimp on blush, but after I found NARS I can't go back to the cheap stuff. Their blush goes on easy and not blotchy like some. The colors are AMAZING.

Lip Gloss
A girl can never have too many! I'm always trying out different brands, but I still can't find the longevity and shininess that I get from the MAC PlushGlass in Posh it Up!. I know many girls who absolutely can't stand the stickiness of MAC's lip glosses, but once you get used to it and you see that it stays on longer then most...you learn to love it! Plus it keeps my lips moisturized.