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About Beauty and the Drink (B&TD) ... 

In 2008, at the request of family & friends, Tara created a beauty & lifestyle blog named Beauty and the Drink.  She had just moved to San Francisco and everyone wanted insight into Tara's life in the Bay.  Topics like the beauty products she wore, the music she listened to and the restaurant she loved that week were highly requested.  While she enjoyed sharing all the fun experiences, it became clear to Tara what she liked blogging about most: cocktails with friends and beauty.  And so Beauty and the Drink evolved into just a beauty blog, sprinkled with stories of nights out with friends.

Beyond writing beauty product reviews, Tara knew that a busy social life definitely affected skin and the way makeup performed, so she incorporated helpful tips in her posts for the girl on the go. She wanted her beauty blog to help others enjoy life experiences without having to worry if their makeup could keep up. To eliminate that worry, Tara made testing a number one priority before any product appeared on her blog. She knew readers depended on her for honest and reliable feedback, especially in a world flooded with false beauty reviews.

Now professionally trained in skincare and makeup artistry,  Tara is armed and ready with even more knowledge than before!  She hopes to keep the same fun, easy going vibe but with the skin in mind. While Tara still loves to enjoy a cocktail (or two) with friends - ever the social butterfly - she sees Beauty and the Drink including fruit & veggie drink recommendations more so than alcoholic ones. She continues to see the value in having fun but encourages her readers (and clients) to find their own perfect balance of fun and healthy - the one that makes them feel beautiful inside and out!