TARA THOMPSON is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles, CA that provides personalized, professional makeup services.

 Photo by Katie Ambrose

Photo by Katie Ambrose

TARA THOMPSON is based in Los Angeles, CA and provides personalized, professional makeup services.

Professionally trained in skincare and makeup artistry (including airbrush makeup). She is a firm believer that gorgeous makeup begins with great skin!

Tara has worked with powerhouse beauty companies like Sephora, NARS & Estee Lauder. Every year attending makeup classes and trade shows to further her education within the beauty industry while staying on top of the latest trends. She derives inspiration from all forms of art and the world around, which shows in her work and in the collaborations she does with other artists. 

She is known for being dependable, hardworking, punctual and having a positive attitude. Tara strives to keep the atmosphere fun, relaxed (very spa-like) for clients - making it memorable for all. 

Tara has experience with photoshoot (editorial - beauty & fashion/portrait/lifestyle/ecomm), commercial/video,  head shot, and special occasion makeup.

In her free time, Tara loves to travel, listen to music (concerts, festivals, etc.) and spend quality time with family and friends. 

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Tara is a member of The Powder Group. See her resume on LinkedIn.


Tara’s fascination with beauty began when she was a little girl. Her mother was a cosmetologist and had Tara sit in on appointments from time to time. It was during those sessions that Tara learned about customer service, work ethic, individual style, and understanding the clients needs. She witnessed how even the slightest change in appearance impacted a persons life. It was fun to see all the transformations.

Her mother encouraged her to draw and paint, to get into the arts because she could see the abundance of creativity within Tara. As the little artist of the family, Tara loved using color and would have rows of pencils, pens and markers to make all sorts of creations; sometimes they were on paper and sometimes they weren’t. Drawing and painting on skin was fun for her – it was like a moving work of art. Always caught sneaking into her mother’s makeup drawer for blush and lipstick, Tara couldn’t help it – she was was completely captivated by makeup. One day, during a long conversation with relatives, Tara learned that her ancestors from Mexico used makeup as a form of art. Who knew makeup artistry ran in the family? It all made sense!

Then, at the request of family and friends, Tara began beauty blogging in 2008. Everyone wanted to know her beauty secrets and of course, makeup tutorials. Her blog included tips, tricks, recommendations and inspirational beauty photos.  She also held many one-on-one beauty meet-ups with friends. Along the way she encountered questions about skin conditions and the best products to use, planting the seed of esthetician school early on. Around the same time, Tara was employed at Sephora.com and worked closely with many skincare lines/products. She was even selected to work on an innovative skincare ingredients application; giving her an in depth look inside client expectations and the skincare industry. Even though Tara knew quite a bit about skincare products, she didn’t have a solid understanding of skin conditions; she realized it was time to learn more and that’s when she finally decided to go to esthetician school. After all, great skin makes people feel beautiful – makeup or not!

Tara enrolled at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology in the spring/summer of 2013. She graduated July 2013 in Esthetics. Selected to be a member of the Design Team (a team that provides students industry experience through community events, fashion shows & photo shoots) and an active member of the Social Media Team (a team that helps elevate SFIEC through the use social media - twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.), Tara made the most of her SFIEC experience. She wanted to learn everything she could about the esthetician and makeup artist industries and still does till this day.

On July 31st, 2013, Tara became a licensed esthetician in the state of California. She is currently a makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact Tara!